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UK Intelligence Deems it Possible That COVID-19 Was Leaked From a Lab in Wuhan

According to reports, British intelligence services are now reassessing their position on the theory of COVID-19 leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology Laboratory in China. A Sunday report in London’s “Sunday Times” quoted British spies saying that they initially refuted the theory leaked by the laboratory but now said it was “workable.” A source quoted the newspaper as saying: “There may be some evidence leading us in one direction, or there may be evidence leading us in another direction.” “Anyway, the Chinese will lie. I think we will never know.”

The appointment comes as the United States and the United Kingdom are stepping up their call for the World Health Organization to further examine the possible origin of COVID-19, including a new visit to China, where the first human infection was discovered. Chinese experts released the first report in March, putting forward four hypotheses about how the pandemic occurred. The joint team stated that the most likely scenario is that the coronavirus will be transmitted from bats to humans through intermediate animals, and the possibility of its emergence from the laboratory is considered “extremely unlikely.” The Biden administration hopes to strengthen its call for China to be more open to the epidemic to avoid opposition Republican senators complaining that the president is not challenging enough and seize the opportunity to pressure China on so-called obstruction. Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, in an interview with CBS “Face the Country” on Sunday, put forward a theory that the virus is a laboratory accident rather than a natural production of human contact with infected animals in China.

The Director of the Drug Administration, Scott Gottlieb, said that accidental laboratory leaks “are happening all the time.” “In fact, this kind of laboratory leaks happen all the time,” Gottlieb said. “Even in the United States, we have encountered setbacks. In China, the last six known SARS-1 outbreaks were outside the laboratory, including the last known outbreak. This is a fairly widespread outbreak. Will not do it initially.”. t revealed that it came from the laboratory. “Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal reported that three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology showed symptoms consistent with COVID-19 at the end of 2019 and required hospitalization.

At the same time, President Biden said that intelligence The industry has not yet determined whether the pandemic started after humans came into contact with infected animals or due to a laboratory accident. Officials are expected to release updates on their conclusions in the coming months.

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