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In the coming year, additional Atlantic Canadians are going to consider purchasing an electric vehicle

In light of rising gas costs and an increase in the number of charging outlets for electric vehicles, Narrative Research has uncovered some startling comments about the number of the Atlantic Canadians who are seriously considering quitting the gas pump for good. Margaret Chapman, COO of Halifax-based Narrative Research, says the company wanted to know how intrigued Atlantic Canadians are in an electric vehicle (EV) purchase by asking just upwards of 1,500 individuals in the area last month if they’re thinking about buying a vehicle in 2022, and if that vehicle would be electric.

According to Chapman, the precise question about EV purchase plans was part of a sequence of inquiries about attitudes on climate change mitigation strategies. “We were and continue to be interested in learning about Atlantic Canadians’ perspectives on climate change – what should be accomplished, by whom, and how quickly,” Chapman said.

According to her, Narrative Research discovered indisputably that people are concerned about climate change (with 88% expressing worry) and that 86 percent believe immediate action is needed to combat the situation in a larger set of questions.

Who should be the ones to take action?

“It’s also evident that consumers hold businesses to a high standard in terms of doing more to combat climate change,” Chapman said. According to Chapman, virtually all of the respondents (87%) agreed that businesses should do more to assist combat climate change, with half firmly agreeing. The poll also revealed that fewer people felt passionately about personally acting to combat climate change, prompting Narrative Research to wonder if there was a level of confusion about what people can do which will have an impact, according to Chapman.

“This led us to ask if people thought that driving electric cars rather than gas or diesel vehicles may minimize the impact on climate change,” Chapman says, adding that three-quarters of respondents agreed. “We followed up by inquiring if anyone was seriously considering buying an electric vehicle.”

Who’s thinking about pulling the plug?

Overall, 3 out of 10 Atlantic Canadians (29 percent) are thinking about buying a new or even used vehicle in 2022 (including SUVs, cars, and trucks), and more than four out of ten (42%) are thinking about buying an electric car. Newfoundland and Labrador (48%) and Prince Edward Island (48%) have the highest likelihood of contemplating an electric vehicle, while Nova Scotia has the lowest (35 percent). Those between the ages of 18 and 34 are more probably interested in owning an electric vehicle (67%), in comparison to those between the ages of 35 as well as 54 (33 percent) or those 55 and over (43 percent).

It was also discovered that interest in purchasing an electric vehicle increased with education level and was also greater among individuals with low and medium yearly household income.

When it comes to the types of vehicles people are still considering, those who said they wanted to buy a car or SUV are much more likely to purchase an electric car (44%), compared to only a quarter of those who want to buy a truck (27 percent), according to Narrative. This is likely due to the availability of those vehicles in the EV marketplace. Residents who are contemplating buying an EV are also more inclined to be worried about climate change and think that driving an electric vehicle can assist to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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