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Makers of the Guardians of the Galaxy Game Discuss Star-Lord as a Protagonist for the game!

Star-Lord as the protagonist is an interesting choice. Anyone who has watched MCU movies or been immersed in Guardians of the Galaxy comics will know that Peter Quill is by no means a trustworthy leader. But I want to know if all of this will change once you participate… Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game allows players to put on Quill’s jet boots and lead a team that has just been established for a year. It seems It is a good time to choose. 

The world in which the Eidos Montreal’s Guardians of the Galaxy is located has just risen from a galactic war, but now, due to a bet between two Guardians, an accident has happened and it has become a complete snowball, leading to this kind of Situation: The entire universe is in danger. The Guardians of the Galaxy must take responsibility and try to fix it, but as we expected from the joking and bickering heroes, it did not go as planned. Although this story has nothing to do with the MCU and the Crystal-powered Marvel Avengers, Eidos Montreal hopes that they will feel fresh but easy to identify with the versions of these iconic characters.

The developers of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided have created a unique Guardian version both visually and narratively. As Eidos Montreal told us, this provides studios with room to build games around team dynamics, which has become synonymous with Guardians of the Galaxy. “This is what motivated us to turn it into a game. Single-player games, you know, this is not necessarily what you expect,” explained senior game director Patrick Fortier. “How do we put this pressure on the team and the fact that they are defined as they are together, this group of unsuitable people, ignoring the possibility?”

Eidos Montreal has been arguing about how the game will go, but finally decided to let Star-Lord As the only playable character in this third-person single-player narrative adventure. “When we started brainstorming, we thought of other styles of play,” explained senior creative director Jean-François Dugas. “We thought, ‘What is the best way to connect with the Guardians?’ Because they are so colorful, they have a lot of things.” “If you play like Peter, you will experience the team more like you. “I would do this in real life,” Fortier said. Sometimes you influence the team, and sometimes two ideas are similar and affect you in a certain direction… It feels good for Guardians of the Galaxy. 

“Even though. In battle, when AI drives Drax, it also drives him based on his personality. He is always brave, facing too many enemies, and then when he gets into trouble, you have to help him. Then Gamora would be on the sidelines sometimes, and when she came in, she was an acrobat. And always try to think about them in this way, so they establish this connection between the players. Like, yes, you know, this is a single-player game, but it’s like a single-player team game. You feel that even if you only control one character, you will feel that they exist in all aspects of the game. “

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