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The 1st look at Ezra Miller’s new DCEU costume revealed by The Flash set video!

A new video from the set of The Flash reveals the 1st look at Ezra Miller’s new DCEU costume. In two films so far, Miller has played Barry Allen, aka the Flash. His 1st solo outing, The Flash, has suffered a few speedbumps on its way to release, with creative changes and production delays all pushing the film back multiple times. Under the director Andy Muschietti, the film finally kicked off work back in April and remains on track for a November 2022 release.

Not many details about the plot are revealed for the film, but it is expected to feature a version of the Flashpoint storyline from the comics. Some other major DC heroes will join Miller Barry, including Batman and Supergirl. The Arrowverse’s Grant Gustin reportedly has a cameo in the film, the one who plays Barry on television. So far, much of the news about the film has surrounded the set pictures and videos that have emerged online.

The latest Flash set video arrives courtesy of The Flash Film News and reveals the 1st look at Miller in costume. The Flash suit mixes CGI and practical, with Miller’s legs and torso covered in mo-cap material. His cowl and boots are on display. The video seems to be for an action scene of some kind. The parts of Miller’s costume will be added in post-production. On the big screen, other major superheroes have had their suits completed with CGI. A full practical costume might be tucked away somewhere on the set for the more slowed-down scenes, which would then give a better sense of its new details.

Previously it was shared by Muschietti an up-close shot of the Flash costume’s chest symbol so that the audience can imagine that along with Miller’s above look. Miller isn’t the only one whose costume has been revealed through a set peek. As the production of the film continues, there could be more shots of the cast in action. The film is making a great deal of progress, and hopefully, more information about the film would arrive soon.

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