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Henry Cavill will not be a part of any DCEU projects!

Henry Cavill will not be seen as Superman in The Flash or any other upcoming DCEU projects. In 2013, Man of Steel 1st made his debut as Superman, kicking off the official DCEU in the Zack Snyder-directed film. The film appeared to be controversial for longtime fans of the character, some of whom felt it did not stay true to the essence of the beloved hero. The gross earning for Man of Steel was $668 million, and for the fledgling franchise, it was a modest disappointment.

Since then, Henry has appeared in a few more DCEU films, including Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, both of which were critical flops. With DCEU in a state of disorganization, the future seems uncertain, even as Warner Bros. released hits like Aquaman and Wonder Woman. DCEU abandoning the SnyderVerse, the future is even more unclear, even though other films are coming up.

Henry will not include in the future is indicated by what Umberto Gonzalez says on Twitter that Henry will not appear in any future DCEU projects. In reply to an account that said Henry will appear in The Flash, Umberto said that he is not part of the film and that the actor doesn’t currently have a deal to appear in any other DCEU films. Umberto said the same thing again in another tweet in response to a user asking about Henry news.

It will not be surprising to hear that Henry is no longer playing Superman for some of the audience. His role in the DCEU has long been in question as the DCEU seems hesitant to release a 2nd solo film based on his character or have him a cameo in other DCEU films. The casting news has recently hinted that the franchise may be moving on from Henry’s character iteration. Henry has other projects in hand, including Netflix’s The Witcher series. It will be for the best of both Henry and DCEU if they look into the future.

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