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Stars Wars: The High Republic comic book miniseries!

An upcoming Stars Wars: The High Republic comic book miniseries will reveal the cracks in the Jedi Order. The High Republic Era is being expanded by the Star Wars franchise, a period roughly 200 years before the events of Stars Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menance. Republic was at its height at this time, across the galaxy, when the light of the Jedi shone brightly. It is becoming clear that the story told in this transmedia High Republic initiative will be the tale of how the Jedi Order fell.

For Star Wars: The High Republic, Daniel José Older is one of the architects. Daniel is writing IDW’s popular Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures series and upcoming novel Race to Crashpoint Tower. With a strong grasp of the Force and a skilled storyteller, Daniel has been enjoying expanding the ranks of the Jedi and throwing lights on the activities of Master Yoda. In a recently-announced miniseries, he is set to write a story that’s rather more sinister.

It is announced by Lucasfilm that Daniel is writing a new miniseries, Star Wars: The High Republic: Trail of Shadows and Marvel Comics will publish it. Shortly after Cavan Scott’s upcoming novel Rising Storm this mystery series is set. In this Jedi Knight Emerick Caphtor will be seen investigating a mystery with ties to the Jedi Order. He’ll be forced to partner with Sian Holt, a private detective who is in high demand and who has been appointed by Chancellor Lina Soh.

According to Marvel Editor Tom Groneman, “The mystery at the center of our story will expose cracks and splinters in the mighty foundation built by the Jedi. The hunt for the truth and the trail that leads to understanding the scope of this threat will not only affect our two detectives but also have ramifications for the entire galaxy.”

This seems to be the 1st Star Wars detective story since Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in 2012. According to Daniel, it will both creepy and thrilling. He’ll be teaming up with cover artist David López, colorist Giada Marchisio, and artist David Wachter to show another, darker side to the Republic and Jedi.

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