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Marvel has released an updated sleeker logo for The Marvels!

Marvel has announced the altered title for the Captain Marvel sequel and after few days of the announcement, an updated, sleeker logo for The Marvels was released. However, compared to the title changed to The Marvels, the update is a lot less drastic. The update mainly has to do with the color scheme and changing the background light to resemble Carol’s signature energy powers closely.

As the Marvels gets a sleek new logo update, Marvel/Disney continues to tease the new title for the sequel to Captain Marvel. In many of the Marvel news, this is the latest update, as the studio announced all of their plans because audiences are getting ready to go back into theaters. The sleek new logo for Marvel will help keep audiences invested until the film premieres.

After the little enthusiastic response to Captain Marvel from critics and new fans, the studio decided to change the course with the sequel and to the series add other fan-favorite heroes. Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), after her series debuts on Disney+, will be joining, and Monica Rambeau (Spectrum), after her adventures in WandaVision, will also be a part of the team. Most likely led by Carol Danvers from this powered team, toward their heroic destinies inspired by the other two, comes the title of The Marvels.

In the MCU the Marvel is the 31st film and a sequel to Captain Marvel and the upcoming Ms. Marvel series on Disney+To put Carol’s powers back at the center literally, it is fascinating to see the logo change. Since the name changed, there have been some speculations that in the 2nd movie, the focus might be shifting away from Carol Danvers, and this seems to imply that the focal point of the sequel will still be Captain Marvel. As the 1st movie was her origin story, this only makes sense, and The Marvel is really where Carol should shine and show off the type of hero she is now.


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