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diamonds in Garena Free Fire

It’s raining diamonds in Garena Free Fire! Know the lifetime hack.

Exclaiming Garena Free Fire as a successful game would not do it complete justice. Looking at the figures on the Google Play Store, the game has been downloaded 500,000,000 times. By contrast, both PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile have been downloaded over 100,000,000 times. So it is time we addressed the game.

Garena Free Fire Mod APK v1.59.5 Download Free 2020

Free Fire Mod is the newest endurance shooting game open for mobile. Every 10-minute, the game takes you to a distant island where you have abysses against different 49 contestants, each demanding survival.
This APK is the transformed variant of the latest game. It offers gamers many features such as infinite health, aimbot, skin mod, and so forth. Several websites convince that their variants of this mod have many illegal characteristics as well.

Game Name Free Fire
Android Version 4.0.3 and up
Category Survival
User Reviews 4.3 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.59.5
Last Update 14 February 2021
Size 610 MB

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Free Fire Characters

One of the defining highlights of Free Fire is its playable characters, most of which have their backstories and motives. Some of these tales even traverse sprawling stories or become the subject of whole seasons. However, the most prominent feature of the Free Fire cast is their abilities, as each of these gives unparalleled passives that can significantly improve the way you imagine the game.
At this time, there are over 30 figures obtainable. And while your selection of the most part in Free Fire will mostly depend on your playing style, some are undeniably more reliable than others in practically every feature.
As of September 2021, some of the most enjoyable personas in Free Fire include:



He has the most influential efficient abilities that both restore and burnish his partners and himself.


A solid supporter that can enhance healing and the time partners can wait hit down before succumbing.


She can identify and point to nearby position rivals for a brief duration. At the maximum level, she can distribute her discoveries with her team, considering the competitors on everyone’s HUD.

Clu can detect and mark nearby standing enemies for a short duration. At max level, she can share her team’s findings, marking the enemies on everyone’s HUD.


Moco is an impressive team player can check the spies that she kills for a short span, exposing their situations to her team.

It is vital to record that some of these personalities are not only inspiring conceptions by the developers, but some of them are on real-life people. For example, Alok is based on the eponymous Brazilian DJ, recognized for his famous song and the 11th best DJ globally. And the latest character, Jai, is both based on and sounded by world-renowned Indian actor Hrithik Roshan.

Free Fire Weapons

There is innumerable weaponry in Free Fire, with the amount growing as the developers add even more rifles to the collection. This protection falls into several categories, including the following:

Pistols (HG)

Sidearms allow more reliable holding power than skirmish protection and other weapon standards. Still, they’re bigger than your bare hands, and some of these can even kill opponents with a few well-placed bullets.

Assault Rifles (AR)

Conventional weapons contribute an immeasurable steadiness among firepower, efficiency, and fire rate. More often than not, you’ll have at least one of these on your list due to their versatility.

Submachine Guns (SMG)

Superspeed weapons that sell for firepower in confined quarters. They often give loads of fire rate but have recoil and spread, thus needing a bit of practice to use efficiently. Nonetheless, they are very vital once you get adapted to them.

Shotguns (SG)

They are the most useful weapon for duels in close quarters. Shotguns can quickly defeat opponents in one or two shots but need absolute accuracy to administer fatal damage. They are meta weapons, often used by professionals for challenges while moving and jumping.

Sniper Rifles (SR)

Accuracy guns are often semi-automatic or bolt-action. Though they experience moderate fire rates, their efficiency is unmatched and, with their indomitable ranges, enable selecting off targets from remote distances. A free headshot is often all it takes to take down an opponent with an SR.


These weapons considerably improve the power and limit of your skirmish swings. But these are clearly at a loss against other guns if attacking from a distance. However, the player can run at immense rates when they bring their melee weapons, promoting travelling from point to point. It’s not unusual for opponents to speed rival killers with melee weapons for quick (and funny) kills.

There is a lot of variation in the rifles and weapons in Free Fire, though your gun selection will depend massively on your playstyle. Nevertheless, there are meta weapons that are ideal for most occasions due to their superior stats. Similarly, some weapon types are staples in most player’s inventories, especially in high-level play.

Free Fire Diamonds – How to Get Them?

As a free-to-play mobile game, it has many in-game possession and transactions. Most of the game assets can be bought with diamonds, one of the game coins, which is collected regularly by topping up your account with actual cash. As such, diamonds are bonus money used to unlock bonuses quicker than usual.

Free Fire MOD is a hacked variant where you can cheat the whole game legit arrangement. In this MOD, you can reach the root of the game that can assist you with your opponent’s advantage without any abilities or training. It can let you win the competition immediately and let you know the attacker’s position, hack a lot more gaming functionality applying this mod. This mod breaks diamonds, where you can get infinite free diamonds without paying cash. This Garena FF MOD has Diamond hack points; you can call 99999 free diamonds by hacking Free fire gameplay. It is also known Free Fire Diamond Hack App.

This APK is the revised variant of the latest game client. It offers players many illegal features such as unlimited health, aimbot, skin mod, and so forth. Many websites claim to provide their versions of this mod, which have various illegal features.

Unlimited Diamonds

After downloading Free Fire Top-up hacked apk, you will get limitless diamonds without paying anything. Diamonds are one of the highly used form of money in game-play. They are necessary because you can only get them with actual cash. You can use diamonds on many things, such as buying customized things for your characters. With our free Fire Mod iOS, you will get diamonds on your game account, enabling you to purchase all your skins.

Unlimited Garena Shells

Shells appear as online money in the Garena world. They enable you to acquire a lot of awards, such as in-game objects and upgrades. These will encourage you to improve your gameplay.

Free Fire MOD APK & OBB File Download

Download the latest version Free Fire Top Hack App Version v1.59.5, for unlimited bundles & diamonds.

Free Fire Mod APK is a game, which has its advantages. But when you download and start playing it, you will get to know everything about this gameplay. The mod variant of Free Fire will give you even features like Aimbot, Unlimited Health, and Diamonds. Free Fire Version 1.59.1 MOD will also give you a new feature for unlimited diamonds hack. That will help you to get diamonds without cash.

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