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Auto Clicker

Why use your hand when Auto Clicker plays your game!

Auto Clicker supports you to do continuous pats at any position with any period you designate. Auto Clicker ingests a need of source entrance. Have a free control board to begin or pause the automatic tap. It is exceptional for clicking virtual games.

App Name Auto clicker
license free
Latest Version 1.4.3
Operating System Android 8.0 and Above
Developer True developer studios

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What is an Auto Clicker?

Automatic Clicker is an application that enables you to arrange automatic taps on your Android smartphone screen. This trait appears easy and perhaps a little worthless. But, it is ideal for games where you have to click or touch non-stop to accomplish a mission in a game. First things first, you will need to establish an Automatic Clicker by toggling its arrangement. From there, you will require to set up entry permits. Then, choose how frequently you want it to touch, how long it should continue, and the entire amount of time you want it to be clicking for you.

How to install Auto Clicker mod?

There are two ways to pick Auto Clicker from. First is for establishing up automatically tapping on one particular place on your screen cover. The next one is to arrange up separate tapping. You will have to set up everything independently in the game. But, with the option of set modes already there, you would not have to remember about it too much. Auto Clicker is the ideal medium for games that require clicking. All you have to do is tap on the free widget option.

How to create automatic taps on your Android game screen?

We have previously discussed everything about automating jobs, whether it is to perform all kinds of duties or for more particular purposes like operating music automatically when you join your Bluetooth headphones. The most useful section is  the concept transformation of the system of video-games. With idle clickers being the purpose of the automation gratitude to applications, it creates taps on the phone screen without you having to do a job.

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