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Earn by just uploading post on this social site: Lyka MOD APK!

LYKA MOD APK is a free social media website that enables customers or users to attach, create different ideas, and experience life with other people. Certainly, the platform facilitates people to distribute photographs. It also rotates nearby a Virtual Pointing System in which it pays peoples for engagement on the Lyka platform. Moreover, LYKA Gemstones can be used amongst buddies, traded for goods with our co-worker shop. Other than that, you can purchase benefits on our LYKA MALL varying from award vouchers, devices, and even resort conveniences.

Details about LYKA MOD APK

DEVELOPERS Things I Like Company limited
CATEGORY Social application

How Lyka came into existence?

This application started in Southeast Asia in March 2019 and instantly became a heated issue. Subsequently, it caught different people’s curiosities and interests in January 2021 after it started trending on Twitter applications.

Moreover, the Twitter-trending application Lyka MOD APK originated in Southeast Asia as new as of March 2019. After that, it aroused users’ engagement and questioning in January of 2021 after actor Ivana Alawi’s YouTube video starring her mother went viral. In the video, Ivana is shown gifting her mom with 3.7 million peso wheels utilizing only her LYKA Gemstones.

“Gems lang ang dala ko, wala akong dalang cash,” she jokes.

Also, there is a newsfeed in Lyka MOD APK, where you can view every update. In addition, you can design your profile page and somehow customize its beautiful. Other than that, posts are also classified because the application is for cranny clubs and interests of the people.

According to the CEO of the company Ryan Baird on his Linkedin profile, LYKA is “shaping the future of work with a Social Wallet that pays people for their passions.”

Social Wallet: What are Gems, and where can you utilize them?

Everything you need on Lyka MOD APK lets you accumulate gems. Moreover, it allows yoy to upload your content to rank other users’ posts. Consnequently, you can give and accept Gems from buddies who are also on the program. Above all, retailers do giveaways in the app. According to Yugatech, one gem is equivalent to Php1, and people get five gems upon producing an account.


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