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OCU has Analyzed 20 Hard Alicante Nougats in Supreme

The Christmas period is not only synonymous with seafood, Iberian ham or sirloin , it is also synonymous with sweet . In fact, this time of year is loaded with a large assortment of high calorie desserts. An example is nougat . Next, you have a bazaar that makes your mouth water.

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has analyzed 20 hard or Alicante nougats of Supreme and Extra Quality for sale in supermarkets and has chosen the best. The results of the study bring together the nutritional assessment, the quality of the ingredients, the presence of additives and the information on the labeling, as well as the tasting ratings of a panel of expert pastry chefs. Thus, the Dor de Lidl, Eroski Seleqtia and Antiu Xixona brand proposals have been chosen as the best. However, the OCU analysis offers generally positive results.

This new reinterpretation of nougat is the result of a delicious combination of toasted macadamia nut praline, chocolate, caramel, salt and Lay’s Gourmet French fries with their delicate crunch in every bite, to the delight of the palate. Albert Adrià affirms “the inspiration has been based on maintaining the potato’s own personality, respecting its flavor, texture and the point of salt”. This product can be purchased in 14 selected supermarkets of El Corte Inglés or on the Lay’s gourmet website (RRP 11.50 ??) .

The apple brand Pink Lady has launched a limited edition of apple nougat made by the Barcelona-based pastry chef Christian Escribà. With a delicate image and just the right touch of sweetness, its interior is made up of two stripes: a semi-transparent one of fruit paste, made with the natural juice of the Pink Lady apple, and another of creamy truffle ganache cooked with ruby ​​chocolate and cream. . The tablet is bathed in exotic ruby ​​chocolate ?? an intense pink variety ?? and decorated with pearls filled with nuts. RRP: 9.90 euros .

Chocolate nougat is a classic that is not lacking at Christmas in practically any Spanish home, that is why Trapa offers a wide range with five references for the most chocolatiers: crunchy milk chocolate nougat, crunchy dark chocolate nougat, crunchy chocolate nougat white ?? made with 14% extruded rice that gives them a crunchy and delicious texture ??, milk chocolate nougat with almonds and milk chocolate nougat with hazelnuts, both with 25% whole dried fruit. The prices range between one and two euros.

For these holidays Pacari, the winning chocolate brand of the ‘Chocolate Oscars’, has prepared a leather box that includes 5 flavors: Salt and Nibs, Hierbaluisa, Raw 70% and Passion fruit. PVP:

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