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A partnership between OnePlus and Hasselblad!

OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro is now available worldwide. Both the phones come with a camera co-developed with Hasselblad. The OnePlus 9 Pro has three color options: Stellar Black, Pine Green, Morning Mist, and different finishes in all the color variants. 

The main features of the camera –

  • OnePlus 9 features a Full-HD+ display (6.55-inch) and packs triple cameras.
  • OnePlus 9 Pro features a QHD+ display (6.7-inch) and quad-cameras at the back.

 A partnership between OnePlus and Hasselblad – 

As per updates, Hasselblad and OnePlus have signed a three-year partnership in which Hasselblad will help OnePlus in tunning cameras in the smartphone. For nearly a century, Hasselblad has traveled worldwide to capture important figures and moments of the world. OnePlus always aims to make the best android smartphones and bringing users a world-class user experience. OnePlus 9 Series is the 1st series in the OnePlus family to use a Hasselblad camera and offer multiple mobile photography breakthroughs.

The main highlight of the partnership –

  • Hasselblad has expertise in color science, and now OnePlus has brought a color solution taking inspiration from Hasselblad. As per sources Hasselblad and OnePlus have a Color Collaboration. Hasselblad will try to bring out more accuracy, authenticity, and depth of colors to the images captured on the 9 and 9 Pro.
  • To a smartphone, Hasselblad level sensor calibration for the first time was brought by Hasselblad Pro-mode. 
  •  This will result in accurate and natural color for post-editing. The camera UI has been made new based on Hasselblad’s image processing software to give users a unique look and feel.
  • The OnePlus 9 series can capture 12-bit raw images. 12-bit image files can store up to 68 billion different shades of color.  
  • . A perfect landscape shot can be captured by users while documenting the minor differences in shades of the same color.
  • With this collaboration shortly, custom hardware development will be there. Both are working on custom lenses, sensor calibration, and others areas to improve mobile imagining.






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