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Netflix Acquires Spider-Man Rights Over Disney+

Do you think MCU Spider-Man movies should stream on Dinsey +? Well, get ready for this: Future Spider-Man movies won’t be released on Disney + for at least a long time. This is why.

Netflix has just won a major victory in the streaming war because it was announced today that Sony Pictures has agreed to a five-year licensing agreement that will provide Netflix with national streaming rights to Netflix drama premieres starting next year. This is a huge win for popular streaming services and, perhaps most importantly, it can be a huge loss for one of Netflix’s biggest streaming competitors.

The deal, which starts in 2022, will give Netflix the streaming rights to several popular Sony franchises, including Jumanji, Venom, and Bad Boys, as well as the priority of any movies Sony makes directly to the stream. But for Netflix, the most important part of this deal is that the company will now be the streaming media home for future Spider-Man movies for years to come, including the upcoming “Spider-Man: No Way Back.”

Why is this so important? Because the Spider-Man movie is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is the largest film franchise in the known universe. Almost all MCU movies and TV shows are under the protection of Marvel Studios, which of course is owned by Disney.

Marvel’s Disney ownership is a huge selling point for Disney+ because Disney’s streaming service is the only place where you can stream most of the MCU catalogs. With the exception of the “Spider-Man” movie, this friendly community franchise is still owned by Sony. Yes, even though Peter Parker officially joined the Avengers and appeared in multiple MCU movies, technically speaking, Spider-Man was only loaned out to Disney.

Of course, this agreement will not last forever. Disney definitely has a final plan to get the general blueprint for the Spider-Man franchise, but for now, at least one member of the MCU has a home on Netflix and not Disney +. This alone is enough for Netflix to celebrate.

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