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3 Police Officers Have Been Wounded Following Chase in Georgia, 1 Suspect Dead, Another in Custody

According to the police, three policemen were chased by the police at the end of Monday, and one suspect was killed and the other arrested. 

The Georgia patrol officer clocked 179 km / h (111 mph) on Interstate 20 and began parking traffic at 3 o’clock: Georgia State Patrol Captain Brandon Dawson 30 said this morning. The driver stopped at first and then took off again with the cavalry. Dawson said the soldiers rammed into the car to try to stop him, but the driver regained control.

The cavalry continued to pursue the car until a passenger fired at the patrol car with a rifle and struck it, rendering it unable to move. 

Local Carrollton police responded and joined the hunt. Carrollton Police Chief Joel Richards said the passenger opened fire on a police car, assaulted a police officer, and then the police officer lost control and collided with a telephone pole.

Police continued to pursue the suspect because his vehicle was traveling on a small road. Villarica Police Chief Michael Mansour said police opened fire and an officer from the Villarica police station was shot twice. 

Sheriff Terry Langley said the Carroll County Sheriff’s Deputy was also shot. Langley said one suspect died and another suspect was taken into custody after “negotiations” and held in the Carroll County jail.

Langley said, “The situation may be worse, and we are grateful, and we pray for the speedy recovery of these staff.” The law enforcement agencies involved asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to take over.

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