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iOS 14 adoption rate better than Android 11!

Apple’s advantage over Android is that there’s one OS to rule them all. For the smartphone that it manufactures itself, it is easy to roll out iOS updates. New data have revealed that the adoption rate for iOS14 has eradicated Android 11. A news report from Mixpanel shows that the iOS 14 has a whopping 90% adoption rate since it was released on 16.September.2020. It was just six weeks post-launch; it was almost 50%—Android 11 adoption rate 20% since its release.

Till now, Apple has not disclosed any official number. Apple’s iOS is full of improvements and easy to install. It isn’t easy to get back to the earlier version of the software, and the same is the case with Andriod 11. When it comes to Android OS updates, Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G are top of the list. Apple also supports its older device for a longer time which is beneficial when considering rising smartphone prices, and users tend to hold their smartphones for a longer time.

The adoption rate of iOS 14 and Android 11 reflect Apple’s biggest strength. Apple’s advantage is expected to continue with iOS 15, and Google works towards releasing its Android 12 software.

Difference between iOS 14 and Android 11 –

iOS is a mobile operating system, and Apple Inc. created and developed it exclusively for its hardware. iOS 14 is the latest version available. Android 11 is the 18th version of Android and the eleventh major release. Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, developed the mobile operating system.

Android 11 home screen is not much unchanged aside from the new dock, which shows some recent apps. iSOS 14, the home screen is changed with new widgets on the home screens. The iPhone users are now experiencing the customization itch. Andriod widgets have gone out of fashion with time, but iPhone has innovated widgets. iOS 14 has automatic wallpaper dimming for select stock wallpapers, but Android 11 doesn’t.




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