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Apple to Add Paid Podcast Subscription Options to its Podcast App

Apple said Tuesday that Apple will add paid podcast subscriptions to its dedicated podcast app, and has redesigned a new image forwarding page for every show and episode, and has helped discover new titles across channels. The news comes from the Apple event, which showcased new iPad tablets, iMac computers, etc.

The option to subscribe to podcasts “empowers you to open new substance just as extra advantages like promotion free tuning in, early access and substantially more – so now you can help your #1 podcasters construct their business and fuel their imagination,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said.

Apple Podcast subscriptions will launch in 170 regions and countries in May. The redesigned podcast app will be part of Apple’s next update to its mobile operating system, iOS 14.5, which will begin rolling out next week.

Over the years, Apple has dominated podcasts and even fell for the format’s name: it is derived from Apple’s iPod. But in recent years, even with the rise of interest in non-music audio in recent years, Apple’s role in podcasting has not made much of a breakthrough. Almost ten years have passed since Apple separated the iTunes podcasts from its iTunes software into its standalone application, and this may be the last major change to date.

At the same time, increased interest in podcasts has prompted new competitors, especially the streaming service Spotify, to flood Apple’s podcast field. Spotify is committed to becoming the preferred destination for non-music audio-like podcasts, which has grown its listeners worldwide by 345 million.

The move also involves Patreon, a $ 1.2 billion startup that helps creators from all walks of life establish regular subscriptions. Patreon is a popular podcasting platform that can set rewards for the most loyal fans.

Apple will charge a commission of 30% of the price of the podcast subscription during each billing cycle in the first year of membership; after the first year, the commission drops to 15%. This is the same as the fee structure that Apple has established for the sale of any digital product or service app (consider gaming gems and streaming service subscriptions) and for in-app purchases on the iPhone or iPad.

However, compared to the 30% commission, the Patreon fee is lower, depending on the level of service, which ranges from 5% to 12%, plus credit card processing, the smallest fee for transfer income to the bank or exchange foreign currency.

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