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Queen Canab Fadeexo video: Who is she and why viral on Tiktok?

What do you know about the latest Tik Tok video that is going viral? This is not the first time when something is into the trend for bad reasons. Every day we see a number of videos emerging on the web and getting viral due to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where users share content from one account into another making them spread even faster. Today Queen Canab’s video hitting on the social media headlines for inappropriate content. Who is she? Why her name is trending on Tiktok? The Queen Canab video has over 100m views already with many people watching.

Queen Canab on Tiktok

Tit’s videos have been getting attention from the community. This is because according to sources she has been grabbing their attention after this video of hers went viral and people are sharing it across social media platforms as well! Tit’s content in each video makes her famous, but this one just crossed millions of views on YouTube alone – proving that its popularity was not only limited within TikTok circles either. Her active presence on all major networks like Facebook proves how proud they were when someone so dedicated put themselves out there for us viewers/fans who love seeing what new things will come next.

Who is Queen Canab?

Queen Canab is a Tiktok based web star who got popular with fans by uploading short clips and fun content. Her latest video crossed over millions of views and being shared on Reddit and Twitter. Tiktok officials already removed the video from their platform as it violates the rules of the platform. It contains material that is inappropriate. Queen Canab is a personality famous in Somalia and European countries. Her first few videos are already deleted and removed from the social platforms.

Why is she into the Tiktok trend?

Queen Canab has gained fame and popularity due to the videos she posts, but still, no one knows much about her. It’s possible that this will change soon as authorities are getting closer every day with their plans for removal of all traces from social media sites like Facebook or Instagram where they can’t monitor what users post at any given moment in time because it goes against terms of service agreements if you don’t comply fully which is kind of crazy actually considering how addicted people have become over recent years since these platforms became so accessible through mobile devices.

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