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Tik-Tok13 trend on twitter: Wolfybreezy and eric_perteet fight

High school fights and quarrels timely take up bad turns sometimes, right? One such incident took place in a high school (named yet to be revealed) and the video of the fight was shared on social media. Before anything, Wolfybreezy, a user of TikTok, on 30th of October posted a video on TikTok and Twitter of the fight. Within few hours his account of TikTok got banned. The same video that was posted by Wolfybreezy on Twitter was deleted as he didn’t want his account to be compromised same like TikTok.

Eric_Perteet posted the same video on other social media, but after looking at the consequences of social media handles belonging to Wolfybreezy, he deleted the video. A Twitter user Tik_Tok13 posted the same video on Twitter and it has reached almost 179,100 views right now and growing. The twitter user is anonymous and no one has any information relating to it.

The video shows two students fighting in the high school hallway. As per assumptions the fight began with some quarrel and it heated to manhandling. In the video we can see two people slapping and punching each other. The first person is hitting up the second person hard punches and the second person is been cornered without his guard up.

As per the caption it looks like on of them is stabbed near lungs, but the video doesn’t show any kind of injuries or wounds. The fight was brought to halt after other students came in between separating both the students away from each other. We cannot find trace of any school management in the video and yet to receive some news from they school officials.

The anonymous person with the social media handle Tik_Tok13 isn’t known by anyone. A similar account on Instagram was found but we are not sure if it belongs to same person or not. Even though the video was deleted from TikTok that was posted by Wolfybreezy it was still viewed by a huge number of people. Currently the video is only available on Twitter that was posted by Tik_Tok13 and maybe taken down soon. Official news and announcements from school is awaited and we will update you soon once we hear something.

Their fight video took social media Twitter on hype. The videos are being shared of the Wolfybreezy and eric_perteet on the Tiktok and other social media sites. Their fight has been already watched by many users.

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