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The Apple Watch could monitor your glucose levels as soon as 2022

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed with British startup Rockley Photonics shows that the company has a significant relationship with Apple, which may lead to the introduction of blood glucose monitoring on the Apple Watch in 2022.

Rockley Photonics is a British company that designs sensors to monitor human blood using infrared light. These sensors are said to be able to monitor items that are generally possible with medical or special equipment, including monitoring blood sugar and alcohol levels.

In the first document presented by the British “Telegraph” to the SEC, Rockley prepares to go public in New York and revealed details of his financial relationship. According to the document, Apple is considered one of its “few big customers.”

Rockley claimed that the two largest customers on his books accounted for 100% of the company’s revenue in 2020 and 99.6% in 2019. Although it is unclear whether Apple is the company’s largest or second largest customer, it seems Apple’s interest in sensors and improved products, in addition to being on file, is likely to be tantamount to Apple being the startup’s main customer.

The company and the company are said to be in a “supply and development agreement”, which is expected to continue to rely on most of its revenue. Rockley CEO Andrew Rickman (Andrew Rickman) said that most of its income also comes from engineering fees for future product development work. He predicted that by 2022, the technology developed by the company will be applied to consumer products, but declined to say whether Apple will participate.

For a long time, there have been rumors that Apple is studying ways to add blood glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch, and rumors about “Apple Watch Series 7” claim that this feature is in development. Apple has also been applying for patents for ingredients that can be used to monitor glucose levels in the skin, without having to rely on blood draws.


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