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Lydall is developing a filtration system that can convert CO2 into breathable Oxygen on Mars

A filter materials company is watching its inventory increase amidst the need for protective gear to prevent Covid-19 and is now testing a way to make it possible to breathe on another planet.

The federal government signed a contract with Lydall to help replenish America’s stocks of personal protective equipment. The company’s CEO Sara Greenstein (Sara Greenstein) said that the company has provided NASA with a HEPA-grade filter media, which has been used to generate oxygen on Mars.

Greenstein told a reporter from CNBC on Monday: “We are not only protecting people and the environment on Earth, but we are also starting to do this on Mars.”

In February, after the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) conducted six rounds of perseverance of the Mars rover on Mars, it made national headlines. The rover is equipped with filter media made by Lydall, who are studying methods to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, which can be used for human travel to the Red Planet.

Greenstein said that Lydall’s HEPA-grade filter media, the Mars Oxygen Field Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE) module, has been installed in the rover and is showing some signs of success.

“What the MOXIE module is doing … is walking on the surface of Mars, filtering all the carbon dioxide out of the Martian air and trying to turn it into oxygen, so that we don’t have to carry stored oxygen in the future. Manned landings Up. And it’s working, “he said. “They have been able to capture enough oxygen for the astronauts to have been there for 10 minutes.”

NASA announced last month that it used MOXIE to conduct the first in a series of tests. According to a press release, MOXIE is designed to produce approximately 20 minutes of respiratory oxygen per hour for astronauts.

The company’s stock price rose to $ 37.11 on Monday, sending shares up more than 23% so far this year.

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