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NASA have increased their price for private astronaut missions to the ISS

NASA has increased the price it will charge for private astronaut missions to the International Space Station in the future, saying the new price reflects the true cost of supporting these missions. 

The revised price list released on April 29 updated the price NASA charges for private missions to the International Space Station for cargo, station resources, crew time, and other services. NASA said earlier this year that it will update the price after reviewing the cost of the station’s marketing and commercial activities. 

The original pricing policy issued in June 2019 is part of NASA’s Low Earth Orbit commercialization strategy. It costs $ 11,250 per person per day for living expenses and sanitation, as well as $ 22,500 per person per day for other crew supplies, including food and air. The new pricing policy charges $ 5.2 million per person for ISS crew time to support private astronaut missions, providing $ 4.8 million each for integration and basic services (such as mission planning). The policy now charges between $ 88,000 and $ 164,000 per person per day for food and other cargo at the NASA cargo plane mission readiness station and cargo disposal on these spacecraft. He also charged between $ 40 and $ 1,500 per person per day for resupplying flight attendants and $ 2,000 per person per day for food. As a result of the new policy, NASA charges higher prices to companies that conduct private astronaut missions. 

Under the above policy, assuming a four-person, one-week mission to the International Space Station for life support and crew supplies would cost $ 945,000, this figure does not include storage, data, and power. Under the new policy, the cost of goods, food, and supplies for the same task will exceed $ 2.5 million at the lower end of the price range, plus $ 10 million per task. 

NASA stated that the adjusted prices “fully reimburse the value of NASA resources that exceed the baseline capacity of the space station.” However, the agency opens the door to negotiate these prices based on the specific circumstances of the mission. The agency said: “Due to the complexity of private astronaut missions and different mission concepts, the reimbursement value of these missions may vary, noting that the detailed price” will be negotiated when the mission, contract, or contract is awarded. The agreement is finalized. “It does not apply to the first private astronaut mission implemented under the 2019 policy, namely Axiom Space’s Ax-1 mission. 

The Crew Dragon mission will bring 3 private clients and 1 professional Axiom astronaut to the space station in early 2022. Both NASA and Axiom stated that the agreement for the mission was signed in accordance with the original pricing policy, which has always been effective for the mission. The initial price increase of the commercial activities of the Space Station is minimized International but does not care about the price of the private astronaut mission increase. 

Company spokesperson Bo Holder said: “The Axiom Program is not dependent on the prices and services listed.” NASA’s support for private astronauts was also present at the Aerospace Safety Advisory Group meeting held on May 6. Backed up. Former astronaut Susan Helms, who served as a member of the team, said NASA has adopted “flight crew qualification and certification practices, as well as previous space travel experience” to solve these problems. Spacewalk. He said an institutional study concluded that “due to the general risk involved, private spacewalks are generally not provided for astronauts.” He added that there are currently no private flight plans made through NASA that include spacewalks.

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