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Owner’s of Subway Franchises Raise Concerns Over an Allegedly Dangerous New Menu Item

The new Subway Fresh Melts are full of cheese, but for some people, this can be a problem. According to the Food and Wine Company, the North American Metro Franchisee Association (NAASF), a trade organization representing the company’s franchisees, has issued a “warning notice” for the new product. The association said in an official statement that making this soluble sandwich is dangerous and unsafe for employees and their toasters.

Fans of fast-food restaurants are used to witnessing the anger on new menus, whether it’s McDonald’s fried mozzarella burger, Starbucks “natural cereal” drink, or Burger King’s “chocolate burger.” However, these reactions usually come from customers.

In this case, the concern is expressed by the owners of various metro concessions. According to Thrillist, NAASF claims that employees burn out when preparing new Subway Fresh Melts. Also, they claim that these snacks can damage the toaster. 

Subway Fresh Melts has three flavors: Ham and Cheese, Steak, Cheese, and Tuna. In particular, they have many kinds of cheese. All three sandwiches have melted cheese on both sides of the dispenser.

According to the Food and Wine Company, “In this case, [we] cannot approve this promotion.” “We hope [Subway’s global franchise headquarters] can resolve these issues immediately and give us an opportunity to cooperate with them. Please approve this promotion. At the same time, please weigh the above concerns and strongly support your decision as an investor in the franchise.”.

Additionally, NAASF also claimed that Subway Fresh Melts are too complicated to manufacture. At the same time, Subway has always insisted on its products.

The company told “Food and Wine” magazine: “The safety of our franchisees and their restaurant employees is our top priority.” “In addition to providing extensive training material, the standard agreement also includes the implementation of all new products and innovations, tests and adjustments of operation and equipment as necessary, to ensure that our franchisees and diligent sandwich artists can perform in a safe and consistent quality meal that guests expect. “

A year later, the viral video claimed to “expose” how Subway prepares some of its ingredients, sparking controversy. In 2020, TikToker said to be an employee, showed how to make chain tuna. A few months later, another TikTok user shared a similar video claiming the restaurant’s steak.

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