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A total lunar eclipse on May 26!

On May 26, the Parts of the world will experience a total lunar eclipse. Due to livestreams, it can be watched from anywhere. Moon can directly look with naked eyes, and binoculars or a telescope will improve the view. This month’s total lunar eclipse, different names are given. It can sum it up as the “super flower blood moon.” There are reasons for this name. Total lunar eclipses tend to provide the Moon with a reddish hue, and that’s the blood part.

On average, supermoons appear about 15% brighter and about 7% bigger than a typical full moon. This is also the 2nd and last supermoon of 2021. The Farmers Almanac ascribes various nicknames to full moons for each month. May moon is typically the flower moon because flowers spring forth across North America in abundance this month. NASA said other names for May’s Full Moon include the milk moon and the corn planting moon.

On its elliptical path, this Moon will also be among the closest to Earth, making it appear a little brighter and more prominent than usual, and that’s the “supermoon” bit. According to NASA, “Because the orbit of the moon is not a perfect circle, the moon is sometimes closer to the Earth than at other times during its orbit.”

For a total lunar eclipse to occur, two conditions have to be met. The Moon has to be full and in perfect alignment with Sun and Earth. On every full Moon, a lunar eclipse does not occur because the plane of the Moon’s orbit is slightly tilted to that of the Earth’s and, hence, not always in a straight line.

NASA says it will be visible across New Zealand, Australia, America, and Eastern Asia. A resident of Alaska and Hawaii should have a great viewing opportunity. People in the Western U.S. will have a better view, while those in the central U.S. will see a partial lunar eclipse just before the Moon sets below the horizon. People who live along the East Coast won’t see much of anything eclipse-related.

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