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The first ‘Murder Hornet’ spotted in the US in 2021 was found dead near Seattle

Federal and state researchers have said on Wednesday that scientists have discovered a dead Asian hornet north of Seattle. This is the first killer hornet found in the country this year. Entomologists from the U.S. and state agricultural departments said that this is the first confirmed report in Snohomish County, north of Seattle, and it seems to be related to the wasps found in Watercombe County along the Canada-Canada border in 2019 and 2020. Irrelevant. extensive attention. 

This invasive insect was first discovered near the border between the United States and Canada in December 2019. It is native to Asia and poses a threat to honeybees and native wasp species. Although it is not particularly aggressive to humans, its stinging pain is very painful. Although repeated bites are rare, they can be fatal.

The world’s largest bumblebee poses a greater threat to bees that depend on pollinating crops. They attack the hive, destroy them within a few hours, and decapitate the bees in a process that scientists call the “killing phase.” 

It is not clear how they got here from Asia, although they are suspected of traveling on cargo ships. “Hitchhiking is a side effect of all our trade on a global scale,” said Sven Spichiger, an entomologist at the State Department of Agriculture who led the struggle. Destroy the wasps. In a recent sighting, a resident spotted the dead bumblebee on a lawn near Marysville and reported the situation to the state government on June 4.

Entomologists discovered it on June 8 and reported that it was very dry and was a male bumblebee. Considering that it was a male at a certain time of the year, and the specimen was unusually dry, entomologists believed that this was an old wasp that was missing from the previous season. 

The authorities said that so far I have not found it. New males usually do not appear until at least July. Authorities say there is no obvious way to know how the Hornet reached Marysville. Dr. Osama Ailisi, deputy director of the US Department of Agriculture’s Quarantine Program, said: “This discovery is puzzling because it is too early for males to appear.” Ailisi said that federal agencies will cooperate with state officials. ”

Investigate the area to see if there is a population in Snohomish County.” In that county, and the color of the specimens previously collected in North America was different, Bumblebee was sent to the Federal Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service for final verification. 

On June 11, entomologists confirmed that this was an Asian hornet. DNA testing revealed that the sample does not appear to be related to the introduction of wasps in Whatcom County or Canada. Spichger said the newly discovered wasp has no orange stripes on its abdomen and may come from South Asian countries. “The public report is for all suspected invasive species, especially the Asian hornet,” he said. 

Authorities said that in 2020, half of the confirmed sightings of the Asian Hornet in Washington and all confirmed sightings in Canada came from the public. We will now set up traps in the area and encourage citizen scientists to set up traps in Snohomish and King counties,” Spichiger said. “If there are no alert residents to take the time to take photos and submit reports, none of this will happen. “The U.S. Department of Agriculture has included the giant hornet on the list of quarantine pests, providing Washington State with more tools to help eradicate invasive species.

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