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Arrowverse is shifting its crossover format for canceled DC TV Shows!

As Arrowverse is shifting its crossover format for canceled DC TV Shows, it is becoming an excellent approach. The CW has gained recognition for many years for the annual crossover events between the ever-growing DC TV franchise. News shows are keep being added by the Arrowverse keeps to their line-up; the crossovers have also changed along the way.

For the network, the most significant crossover became Crisis on Infinite Earths, for the Arrowverse’s first phase, which marked a culmination, adapting one of DC Comics’ most iconic storylines to screen. The last significant crossover was the ambitious 5-part event as the franchise entered a new era that happened at the time of the global pandemic. Due to Covid guidelines for the production, they haven’t organized large crossovers. It may take few years until a Crisis-like crossover ever happens again.

Initially, Batwoman and Superman & Lois were set to have a 2-part crossover featuring many Arrowverse heroes before having to scrap it. The franchise has begun to explore new ways to do it both in the upcoming and current TV seasons, an intelligent approach for DC shows that got canceled/ended. Because of this, the franchise can show the characters coming together refreshingly and allows for intimate stories to be built up.

David Ramsey’s Diggle will be present in this season, Arrow’s conclusion in 2020. Across The flash, Superman & Lois, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, the audience favorite appears for five episodes. Of each show, one episode is being directed by Ramsey. In The Flash season 8, five special episode events will include various Arrowverse heroes. One of them seems to be Black Lightnings’s, Cress Williams. He has confirmed that The Flash creative team has approached him many times to appear next season.

Just because an Arrowverse show has concluded, it doesn’t mean that the show’s characters will be off from the franchise forever. The pass crossover helped to create and flesh out various relationships across the Arrowverse.

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