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Voice Shortcut may be added to Google Assistant!

Google Assistant is one of the handiest tools, and it allows users to interact with the phone without touching it. If the users have to use Google Assistant that way, they have to say Hey Google to start listening to the users, or else it has to bring up manually. Hey, Google is the keyword that the Assistant uses to know if someone’s talking to it. But sometimes, it is too many words for doing things like snoozing your alarm. Google might be adding Voice Shortcuts to the Google Assistant soon.

According to XDA Developers, they have found a new feature in the Google app’s Settings called Guacamole that allows for adding voice shortcuts for tasks like answering a call or stopping an alarm. Voice shortcuts are short commands that will enable users to skip saying Ok Google for a task like answering a call or stopping an alarm. Right now, the feature is not live. The Guacamole is still a null feature, and how it works much details are not available.

As per speculations, Google might be planning to introduce this feature to Google Assistant during Google I/O 2021. This event will be free for everyone and will be held virtually due to pandemics. Google might add or remove functionality or get scrapped altogether; it is not clear until now.

For Voice, Shortcuts developers are still working on Guacamole. Through the latest update, it has just accidentally rolled out to some users around the world. The main aim is to make Google Assistant more convenient and customized functions for users. Guacamole won’t be a new feature, and Google added a similar feature to Nest Hub in 2019. This feature allows users to use words like Stop for snoozing Smart Display alarms and Google Home. In the Assistant app. Google Assistance currently has 500 million worldwide. New features are constantly being added to Google Assistant to make it smarter.

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