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What are the major differences between Windows 11 and Windows 10?

Microsoft began a gradual release of its new operating system, Windows 11, at the beginning of October. Although only a few PCs have received the update, users might be thinking what are the changes in the OS as compared to Windows 10 and also if it’s worth upgrading at this time. You have until 2025 to decide to upgrade when Microsoft will announce that it no longer supports Windows 10, but if you’re ready to upgrade now, you may download Windows 11 on your computer, if you have the requirements. If you are on Windows 10, then you can upgrade to Windows 11 at no extra costs

Before you install the new operating system, walk through the major improvements made by Microsoft and discover what new changes had been made. Here’s a list of everything that’s changed between Windows 10 and Windows 11. Also, check the major Windows 11 features and how to use them, as well as everything we wanted in Windows 11 but didn’t get, and how to change your default search engine.

Windows 11 introduces a new, more Mac-like interface to the operating system. It has a clean style with rounded sides and pastel colors. The Start menu has been relocated to the center of the screen. However, you may move them back to the left, as they are in Windows 10.

Android apps will be available in the Microsoft Store via the Amazon Appstore for Windows 11. This is something Windows fans have been looking forward to for many years, and it represents another step toward the integration of mobile and laptop computers.

Windows 11 will allow users to set up virtual desktops in a manner more similar to Macs, allowing you to switch between numerous desktops at the same time for personal, business, education, or gaming purposes. This was more difficult to configure and utilize in Windows 10.

The new OS has Snap Groups and Snap Layouts, which are groupings of the applications you’re using at the same moment that sits in the taskbar and may pop up or be reduced at the same time for simpler task switching. They also make it easier to plug and remove a monitor without losing track of where your open windows are.

‘Teams’ will have a completely redesigned interface and will be organized in the Windows 11 taskbar, which makes it easy to access. ‘Teams’ is available to be used from Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. While widgets have been there for a while, including in a recent Windows 10 update, you can now access them straight from the Taskbar and customize them to show whatever you want.

Microsoft has tried to improve the touch experience on tablets by introducing gestures and increasing the space between items on the taskbar.

Windows 11 now adds haptics to your digital pen, allowing you to hear and feel vibrations while you write or draw with it. Finally, the operating system implements voice typing and commands across the system.

To better gaming on your Windows PC, Windows 11 will include capabilities similar to those present on Xbox consoles, such as Auto HDR and DirectStorage. This is another step forward for Microsoft in terms of merging PCs and Xbox devices.


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