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iOS 14.5 broke Apple’s Podcasts app!

In iOS 14.5 Apple’s Podcasts, the app is missing episodes, falls well short of third-party podcast apps, and lacks proper show notes, and so far, Apple seems disinterested in actively fixing the problems. A Podcast Subscription platform was announced during Apple’s Spring Load event that will be available this month to the creators. The right listeners will pay for exclusive content in the Apple Podcasts app making purchases easy and quick. But those subscriptions will only be available inside the official Apple Podcasts app, and it’s currently very broken.

Many users have experienced bugs with Apple’s Podcasts app after the iOS 14.5 update went live on April 26. Some Podcast episodes are not showing up in user’s apps for days after release, which is one of the most critical issues faced. According to a representative inside Apple, “the team is working around the clock to resolve this issue.”

Website Podnews performed research and describes how the iOS 14.5 update changes how the Apple Podcasts app and servers gather episode data from RSS feeds differently. Previously in the Apple Podcasts app, a user would pull to refresh from the user’s subscribed podcast feeds, Apple’s service would gather new data. According to Podnews, “since iOS 14.5, the Apple Podcasts app on your listener’s phone always uses Apple’s database, even if they’re subscribed. Your listener’s phone never looks directly at your RSS feed.”

The other issue is that users viewing an episode’s show notes can no longer click on HTML links inside the app unless the entire link is displayed. There are now multiple screens in the app to display the latest episodes, but they are inconsistent. Inside the app navigating to the Library tab and then clicking Latest Episodes shows the latest HomeKit Insider episode, while the Listen Now tab does not include the show.

Users could find Episode Notes users scroll to the bottom of the Now Playing screen, before iOS 14.5. in the latest update, this option has been removed; users must either learn that tapping the scrolling title of the episode will bring them to the Episode Notes or navigate to the podcast show page and tap the episode.

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