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A Samsung Galaxy S22 Leak Suggests It’s Camera Will Blow The Competition Out the Park

Samsung is inevitably developing the Galaxy S22 series because the company has already provided the flagship Galaxy S product in the first half of each year. This year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra followed in Huawei’s footsteps, launching two telephoto cameras (3x and 10x), but there are rumors that Samsung has greatly upped the ante.

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra will provide a camera that can perform continuous optical zoom. Ice claimed that Samsung Electromechanical Company and Samsung Semiconductor are working on this technology, and many dedicated cameras can use continuous optical zoom, moving components in the camera module to achieve multiple native zoom multiples for consistent image quality. 

This means that there is no need to use hybrid scaling, digital scaling, and other software-based techniques, which tend to produce lower quality results. For example, mobile phones equipped with 3X telephoto cameras still lack hybrid components and still use hybrid zoom and other inferior processing technologies to magnify images below 3X and above 3X. Even Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra also offers 3X ​​telephoto cameras and 10X periscope cameras. Hybrid Zoom and image blending technology are still used to provide zoom to anything other than 1X, 3X, and 10X. Images taken at these intermediate zoom levels generally degrade. Therefore, in theory, continuous zoom can also provide better and consistent results across the entire panel. In addition to providing better quality at these intermediate zoom multiples, a 2X / 3X to 10X continuous zoom camera can theoretically allow Samsung to ditch the S21 Ultra’s 10x camera or replace it with another camera (like 20x). 

Samsung’s obvious continuous zoom technology is different from the approach taken by the recent Sony Xperia 1 III and 5 III. Sony’s new phone offers a variable zoom periscope camera, but the camera can only switch between 3x and 5x. In other words, it still relies on hybrid scaling and software processing to achieve 3x to 5x scaling. But this means that Sony doesn’t have to provide separate 3X and 5X cameras on the same phone. 

The prompter also reported that Samsung’s 2022 device will provide an under-screen selfie camera and a Samsung processor with an AMD GPU. The latter is not surprising, because Samsung Semiconductor previously confirmed that its next-generation Exynos flagship processor will provide AMD graphics. 

We also found that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 may have a selfie camera with an insufficient display, so there is reason to think that the S22 series devices may also provide a foldable selfie camera. It is worth noting that Ice Universe has a reliable record, but not a 100% reliable record. Sometimes unfounded guesses are allowed. Therefore, we recommend that you filter it with a bag of salt. However, after the S21 Ultra, this zoom technology or Sony focus seems to be the next logical step.

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