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Halide is coming to the iPad!

Halide, one of the best third-party camera apps for iOS, is coming to the iPad, its developer Lux announced today. The iPhone app is known for the amount of control it gives users over photos, and this functionality has been carried over to the iPad. It has redesigned interface that’s optimized for larger displays. To existing Halide owners, the app is free, while new users can either pay a one-off purchase fee or go with yearly or monthly subscriptions.

Using an iPad for taking photographs has a bit of a reputation problem. Compared to the phone, Apple’s tablets tend to have lower-specced and fewer rear cameras but taking photos with large tabs is also not comfortable. Lux appears to be aware of one of the iPad photography sins taking pictures at a concert. Concert Mode a potential future the company is teasing, in which as soon it detects that it’s being used at a show, it would automatically disable the camera.

As per Lux, “Concert Mode is disabled for now – as we trust our users to Do The Right Thing, but we’re going to be ruthless about bringing this in a future update if people cannot behave.”

To work better with a larger display, the app’s controls have been reconfigured. To switch between modes, it got a toggle for left- and right-handed users, and around the edges of the screen, essential features have their controls arranged where they’re within thumbs’ reach. Halide on the iPad allows for shutter speed, manual control of ISO, focus, and supports its recent RAW Photography Mode.

Pro View mode one of the more exciting features of Halide’s iPad app. This mode is a toggle that shrinks the viewfinder into the center of the display. According to Lux, this makes it easier to take in the entire viewfinder. It creates extra space around the edges of the display for manual focus, waveform, a bigger histogram, and other controls.

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