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Here are all the iOS 15 features Apple didn’t tell you about

With the end of Apple’s annual WWDC conference, we have a full week of developer meetings and press conferences for review, as well as a large number of points on various Apple feature pages to organize. result? The iPhone in iOS 15 has many cool features, and Apple did not emphasize these features in its mainstream public event on Monday. We will not list them all because there are too many small changes in the next one. Software update. If you want to see the complete list, Apple has published a detailed feature page on its website, but we will highlight some features that we think are particularly interesting below.

Changes to the Safari Browser

There are many small adjustments in Safari, and their sum may exceed the sum of their parts. In addition to the tab group functionality discussed in detail in the main presentation on Monday, the tab bar has also been overhauled. It takes up less space and is placed where Apple considers it easier to reach. It will also “disappear suddenly when you scroll and reappear with a tap.” You can also quickly move between tabs by swiping left or right on the tab bar. Swiping all the way to the right will open a new tab. You can now use the pull gesture to update in Safari, just like you see in the Chrome iOS app or Apple’s Mail app. You can set a background image for the homepage, and you can add or delete new parts, such as privacy reports or sharing with you. Like Safari on macOS, Safari on iOS will now automatically update sites that “known to support HTTPS from insecure HTTP”. As mentioned in the keynote speech, the iOS version of Safari is accepting web extension support.

Spotlight becomes more useable

Perhaps the most significant change in Spotlight is the system-wide search feature of iOS, which can now be accessed from the lock screen and notification center. Previously, it could only be accessed from the home screen or widget panel. Apple showed some of this action in screenshots during the demo, but if you don’t see it, the results displayed by Spotlight have many improvements in response to your map results, which contain clips from corresponding applications (e.g. large restaurant chains) ) Now the “action buttons” for menus, tickets, orders or reservations will be displayed. Similarly, the App Store results displayed in response to your search will now have a button that you can click to quickly install these applications without having to switch to the App Store application.

A ton of new widgets

When the home screen widgets first appeared on the iPhone last year, we were a little surprised by how many widgets Apple created for apps, but Apple has expanded this list with iOS (and iPadOS)15. Sleep schedule and data about your sleep quality. The other of the mails displays your most recent mails in the selected inbox. The contact widget allows you to text, call, or email a friend or family member from the home screen. The “Find My” app has a similar widget that allows you to check devices or important personal contacts that share location data with you. The Game Center is getting a widget that shows the games and games that your friends have recently played. App Store widgets promote stories, events, and favorites from the “Today” tab of the App Store to the home screen.

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