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Here’s what to expect from Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 OS

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 operating system was leaked online today. After the screenshot was first published on the Chinese website Baidu, the entire Windows 11 operating system appeared on the Internet, equipped with a new user interface, start menu, and more.

The new Windows 11 user interface is very similar to the Start menu, which was originally discovered in Windows 10X. Before canceling the project to support Windows 11, Microsoft has been simplifying Windows for dual-screen devices. Visually, the most important changes you will notice can be found in the taskbar. Microsoft centered the application icon, cleared the tray area, and included a new start button and menu. This updated start menu is a simplified version that currently exists in Windows 10, without live tiles. It includes fixed applications, recent files, and the ability to quickly shut down or restart Windows 11 devices. It is actually much more streamlined than what exists in Windows 10 today. If you don’t want the application icon and Start menu to be centered, you can choose to move them all to the left.

With the dark mode also available, Windows 11 began to look more like a refined version of Windows 10, rather than something brand new. You can move the Windows 11 start menu to the left. Microsoft also uses rounded corners in Windows 11. These are visible in the context menu and around the application and file explorer. The start menu itself also includes rounded corners. This is still an early version of Windows 11 that has been leaked, so it is not all-encompassing. We hope to see more changes in the applications built into Windows 11, but most of them don’t seem to have yet.

However, a large part of the operating system feels complete, so we hope to see this beta version for testing by Windows Insiders soon. You may have noticed a new icon on the Windows 11 taskbar, which is marked as a widget in the operating system. There are rumors that Microsoft is bringing back Windows widgets, and the first version seems to include some. Since this is obviously an early version of Windows 11, the widget is not fully loaded into the operating system, but is designed to slide into the outside. And provide quick access to news, weather and other network content. Although Microsoft cancelled its Windows 10X operating system, the company apparently reused most of its work on Windows 11.

Windows 10X was originally designed for dual-screen devices, then moved to traditional laptops, and then cancelled on its own. Windows 10X includes many improvements and simplifications of Windows, most of which work in this leaked Windows 11 version. Windows 11 also includes new instant controls, which you can access from the maximize button on all applications. They are the modern equivalent of the cascading window function that has existed in the operating system for many years. You can quickly align windows side by side or organize them into sections on the desktop.

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