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An engineering student has managed to get Windows 11 running on a Windows Phone!

Earlier this week, the Windows 11 preview only got released, but a student has already managed on a Windows Phone to get Microsoft’s latest operating system running. Gustave Monce Engineering student, has created a brief video on a Lumia 950 XL demonstrating Windows 11 running, one of the 1st devices to ship with Windows 10 Mobile. Before Microsoft ended support for its mobile OS, it was also one of its last Windows-powered phones.

The 5.7-inch display Windows 11 adapts well, but the same can’t be said for the speed of animations. This one of the student’s latest achievements in a five-year hobby of tinkering with getting full versions of Windows running on Windows Phone devices. According to Gustave, “It all started really 5 years ago when Windows 10 Mobile was near obsolescence.” Gustave teamed up with Bingxing Wang, a fellow engineer, on these phones to bring the idea of running the entire Window to life.

According to Gustave, “As time went on and we started talking about it, discussion groups formed and in turn, we had a community of people interested in running full Windows 10 on Lumia 950s. We’re now basically a team of about 15 people, and we’ve made a lot of progress.”

The team has reversed and ported engineered drivers to get Windows 11 running on a Windows Phone. Gustave also shared that they are not so fast to do it, and it took fours to reach the current state. But it is imposing that they got here with not many documents in hand. Because of all of the work for Windows 10 and the work they did earlier to support Windows 10X, Windows 11 was a natural path forward and to get going didn’t take much.

Gustave and the team have built a dedicated site, and it includes all documentation, tools, and guide on bringing Windows 10 and Windows 11 to these old Windows Phones. Not everything works perfectly; the camera fails to function, calls / SMS occasionally breaking, and hits battery life due to Microsoft’s OS changes. It is more exciting to see how far developers and engineers can push the devices that Microsoft has abandoned.

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