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IGNOU Study Material: How one can get access to Ignou study material? 

Material Production and Distribution is quite possibly the main subsystems of the Distance Education and Open Learning System. Material Production and Distribution Division (MPDD) handles the creation and circulation of self-instructional material for different university projects and courses.

It is liable for ideal printing and dispatch of study material to the students just as to Regional/Study Centers of IGNOU. It likewise embraces the movement of synchronization of creation of materials/tasks, printing the necessary number of these materials, putting away and stock control of these materials, and dispatching them to the individual understudies (course-wise and medium-wise), IGNOU’s RCs/Scs through the postal framework. Ordinarily, the whole errand is a mind-boggling activity compounded by an enormous number of understudies changing their addresses, the vehicles of guidance, and courses frequently.

The University took a choice to offer the alternative of e-material to the understudies. Those understudies who have picked e-material will be given a markdown of 15% of the Program Fee to energize the understudies towards computerized materials.


What are the Significant capacities completed by MPDD?

The significant capacities completed by MPDD are Material Requirement Planning,

  • Buy an issue of Offset Printing Paper and Art Card to the Printers for printing the investigation materials,
  • Upkeep of stock of study materials and other related things,
  • Conveyance of study materials to the understudies,
  • Dispersion of study materials to Regional Centers/Study Centers of IGNOU,
  • The offer of study materials to the Open University, different Institutions, specialists, and overall population, and
  • Meeting the printing prerequisites of Functional Divisions and exceptional printing necessity of the University
  • Execution of complete republishing work of IGNOU and Printing work of New Schools
  • Printing necessities of Functional Divisions and Special printing occupations like meeting materials are additional obligations of MPDD

The Division involves seven Units.

How can one get access to Ignou’s study material?

To View/Download, IGNOU Study Material, first register at Select enrollment type and press <GO Key> and fill in the Registration Form. You will get mail containing an uncommon URL. At the point when you visit this URL, you should fill in some basic data.

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