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Justin Catfish: Who is Justin in Catfish

We all remember Justin, the crazy-eyed online dating vigilante from the latest MTV’s Catfish episode: The TV Show, right? What if I told you that he was an actor all along, that Artis was in on it, and that together, they pulled off the greatest “catfish” of all time.

Let’s rewind for a moment. We spoke at length about Catfish: The TV Show’s latest in this post, where I shared my personal doubts about the legitimacy of the “Artis and Jess” episode. Particularly, I singled out what I regarded as a scripted “performance” by the episode’s “Catfisher,” the unsettling yet eloquent Justin.

What is the real identity of Justin?:

The search for confirmation of Justin’s identity is still going strong nearly a week after his Catfish episode aired. He doesn’t have much of a digital trail. No Facebook, no Twitter account, nothing like that (unless he operates them under different names).

What is there in the Video posted by Justin of Catfish?:

This video is currently making the rounds on social media and provides us with just about the only concrete look at who Justin is/was before Catfish. This video was made over a year ago, and as you can see, Justin doesn’t seem to act very different than he did on the show.

Hollywoodite published the video, along with a new biographical detail: His full name is Justin Voel-Pel, son of the late Ted H. Voel-Pel III, who passed March 8, 2010.

In the video, Justin claims to be suicidal, schizophrenic, formerly anorexic, and bulimic, shows aggressive behavior, and says he’s working on a book about his life and experiences. This Justin in the year-old video seems to match with the Catfish Justin we saw this week, and if we extend the benefit of the doubt that both depictions are not performances but reality, we could close the case right there like Hollywoodite did.

Who is Justin in catfish Season 7?:

In Catfish Season 7 Episode 39, Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, joined Nev Schulman as the guest co-host to help 26-year-old Cherie. After receiving a text from a secret admirer, they engaged in a very sexual relationship and exchanged NSFW pictures often.15

Who has died from catfish?

MTV reality show Catfish has paid a special tribute to one of their stars, Robert Brian Clark, after he passed away in a freak motorcycle accident at 33.

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