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China’s experts have denied the fact that Covid is lab leaked!

Scientists from China have been trying to stop politicizing the probe on the Covid origins; some countries, especially the United States, continue to believe the lab leak theory and exert pressure on the WHO for the 2nd round of investigations in China. China’s renowned scientist in evolutionary biology and genetics Wu Chung in an interview, “I said that the virus can only come from nature and cannot be man-made, by using classical evolutionary theory.”

Wu, a professor from the School of Life Sciences at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, South China’s Guangdong Province, and director of the Beijing Institute of Genomics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said the main reason why the global epidemic is out of control is that the voices of scientists are too weak; otherwise, the global response had been positive and scientific and the Covid outbreak would have ended in May last year.

“Wu” described the world as irrational called on international scientists and WHO to seek truth with the spirit of science. Chinese health official on Thursday said at a press conference that China would not accept the WHO’s proposal on 2nd phase study on Covid origins. The officials also said that the proposal lacks arrogance to science and respect to common sense. They insisted that the next stage of study should be carried out in more places and countries worldwide.

Such a firm-specific response came from China came after the US kept that the virus is lab licked. The US president Joe Biden has demanded the US Intelligence to find out within 90 days to confirm whether Covod has leaked from the lab or not despite the WHO-China joint report on probe of the virus that a lab origin of the virus is extremely unlikely. The three labs in Wuhan working with either vaccine development and CoVs diagnostics or CoVs isolation all had high-quality biosafety level facilities that were well-managed.

According to Wu, SARS-CoV-2 is extremely well adapted to human populations compared to SARS-CoV of 2003. From the animal host to humans, its shift in adaptability must have been even more extensive.  He also shared that some people have when promoting the lab leaked and man-made conspiracy is how a virus could be perfectly adapted to the human body as Covid came from blind nature.

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