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Sylvester Stallone hasn’t ruled out Rambo 6!

Sylvester Stallone hasn’t ruled out Rambo 6, and if it does happen, it should bring his brother and cast a certain actor in the role. In First Blood, he was introduced as a traumatized Vietnam vet who wages a misguided war on a small town. The 2nd and 3rd films put much more of an emphasis on explosions and firepower.

The 3rd film did not perform well and saw the Rambo films on hold for 20 years, though in the years that followed. Many ideas for part 4 came around. Sylvester Stallone for 2008’s brutal war Film Rambo finally strapped on the headband again. The film saw in Burma saw the misanthropic ex-solider drawn into a bloody rescue mission.

Rambo: Last Blood (2019) is the most recent entry. The film was positioned as the final instalment, and the title character was seen taking revenge on the cartel as he attracts his adoptive daughter. The film received mixed reviews. It ended with Stallone’s hero being badly wounded and also saw him ride off on his horse, leaving a small door open for his survival. Stallone has since battered around a potential idea for Rambo 6, while the Last Blood could be the final entry.

According to past entries, Rambo is half-Indian. In the 5th film, he flees the authorities following the massacre at his Arizona farm; he could seek refuge on an Indian reservation. Stallone also shared that this would allow him to reconnect with family, making the 6th film a chance to bring in the soldier’s brother from an unused sequel concept.

In the 1990s, for Rambo 4 one idea was that he would try to reconnect with his estranged brother as he returns to his hometown. Rambo has to run out of the town because the locals get aware of its past exploits; when an escaped gang of convicts comes to kill his brother in the town, he will come back. To stop them, both have to work together. The town gets hit by a hurricane. For Rambo 6, the concept is a too large scale bringing in Rambo’s brother. Rambo’s family history is not properly explored by none of the films.

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