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Is the Moon saying goodbye to the Earth?

Every year the Moon is moving farther away from earth, not majorly noticeable. The rate of moving away is about 4cm per year. Although this is a slow process, this is inevitable. We can neither see nor move gravitational forces and there’s nothing we can do to avoid it. We will continue to grow apart from the moon even after centuries. The moon was very near to the earth. It was formed more than 4 billion years ago and was formed from the asteroids that were around the earth, the moon used to move around 10 times closer than now.


Scientists said that the rocky asteroids were formed from the collision of the earth with a huge object like mars. When it was first made it was red and fiery. Researchers have said that the moon moves farther from us like this, the moon’s gravitation can still pull other planets even though it has a very small pull power. This leads to an increase in the size of other worlds.

On the earth, the gravitation effect is noticed on the tidal side. Our oceans are pulled by the moon, but in turn, the moon’s orbit goes faster by the ocean pulling it back. If the orbiting earth has increased speed then the moon can easily move away from earth while orbiting Earth, so it orbits from a farther distance.

Will the moon say goodbye to us?


The Astronauts who left mirrors on the moon helped scientists to measure the distance of the going farther. The speed at which the moon is moving farther has changed since then. Majorly because of the meteor shower on the moon and the unstable changes of ice ages on the earth. This constant change of the moon’s distance has changed the tidal flow. The day’s duration is also increased due to other gravitational pulls on the moon. This changed the earth’s rotation.

Scientists say that the sun will become a huge red ball of fire in a couple of billion years. The earth and the moon may be engulfed by the sun as it turns into a huge fireball. Another possibility is that the earth will be farther away from its orbit and can be saved from the wrath of the sun. With both the possibilities, any cosmic disaster can happen. At some point in the future, we might have reached 47 day-long months.

A day only used to be 4 hours when the move was very near to the earth.  The current speed of changes on the moon can nearly take more than a hundred years for us to notice an increase of 2 milliseconds in the day’s duration.  It is said that the moon will continue to move like this forever.  Researchers say that in around more than 500 million years,  the moon will move such far that we will lose total solar eclipses.

The moon will be so farther away from that its shadow will not be able to hit the earth as it will not be able to block the sunlight falling on the earth. As the oceans are drying up and the earth will become much hotter, the moon will still depend on the earth. The moon and earth will leave their path from the sun in a couple of million years.

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