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A new Lord of the Rings film with an anime twist is in development!

Warner Brothers Animation and New Line Cinema are working on a new Lord of the Rings film that’s bound for theaters, with an anime twist. The film will be called The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim. It will cover the history behind the fortress at Helm’s Deep and the entire original trilogy, whose battle is one of the most exciting parts.

Kenji Kamiyama will be the film’s director and written by the creators of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. One of the writers for the original trilogy, Peter Jackson, is not directly involved but is acting as a consultant. While the names behind the film are interesting, it doesn’t seem like New Line or Warner Brothers are going deep into the Tolkien well for story ideas. The event depicted by Rohirrim is only a few hundred years before the battle described in The Two Towers.

New Line Cinema has shared that for the big screen, this project is being fast-tracked. “Fans know Helm’s Deep as the stage for one of the greatest battles ever put to film and, with many of the same creative visionaries involved and the brilliant Kenji Kamiyama at the helm,” Richard Brener, president and chief creative officer at New Line Cinema and Carolyn Blackwood, chief operating officer at Warner Bros Pictures Group said in a joint statement.

“We couldn’t be more excited to deliver a fresh vision of its history that will invite global audiences to experience the rich, complex saga of Middle-earth in a thrilling new way,” they added.

According to Sam Register, President of Warner Bros. Animation, this will of J.R.R. Tolkien’s world yet another epic portrayal that has never been told before. They are honored to partner with much of the incredible talent behind both film trilogies, along with new creative luminaries to say to this story, he said.

The creators have also shared that the film is an independent venture.

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