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Cyberpunk2077 fans are wondering when 1.3 will release!

Fans of Cyberpunk2077 are growing increasingly impatient with the game’s lackluster support. So the fans have started to make some good ol’ memes to thrash the game. Since its launch, Cyberpunk 2077 has been plagued with issues, but it has retained a good number of followers who want to support the game until it’s in an ideal state.

The game’s controversial launch resulted in having the game pulled off the PlayStation Store, mainstream news headlines, and refunds. Now seven months after the launch, the game is writing to PlayStation Store as Sony seems to be mostly satisfied with the state the game is in. Although there is still is a way to go before the game is acceptable by many or live up to the promises made by CD Projekt Red, the game is making progress. Still, some are unhappy with the sluggish pace and quality of patches CDPR has put out.

One of the Reddit users posted a video of a man shooting a gun out of ammo, throwing the gun away instead of reloading it with a new clip, and slides the empty clip into a new gun. The user said it is about the latest Cyberpunk2077 patch. It can be assumed that the guns are just different patches, and the fundamental issues are being carried by the chip with the game from patch to patch, not solving some of the most critical matters. The latest patch is not meant to be a giant leap forward and is just finding out the issues in the game.

Still, there are many issues. The game’s last truly substantial update came at the end of March, and many fans wonder when 1.3 will release. It may be coming soon, and that was a way for CDPR to showcase that the game is ready to return to the PlayStation Store. In addition, Cyberpunk2077 recently got a new game director who will be responsible for the game’s future expansions and updates. 


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